Midnight Train to Šiauliai (Ellis Spanos Commemorative Edition)

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Midnight Train to Šiauliai (Ellis Spanos Commemorative Edition) CD $14.99

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Mūsų Vadinama Muzika 1:54 $0.99
Steamers 2:18 $0.99
Give Pizza Chants 3:55 $0.99
I Love Her - She Squirts! 3:10 $0.99
Into the Sun 2:56 $0.99
Urine Asshole 1:44 $0.99
Terminal Illness 2:50 $0.99
Life 2:59 $0.99
Midnight Train to Šiauliai 4:29 $0.99
It's so Lonely when You Don't Like School 2:13 $0.99
Mistletoe Belt Buckle 2:02 $0.99
Rapid Descent into Oblivion 2:39 $0.99
John Belushi 2:53 $0.99
Suspected Precedents 3:59 $0.99
Let's Dance On! 2:40 $0.99
Ripshit Rampage 2:14 $0.99
Aural Sects at Gun Point 3:10 $0.99
Take it Up the Ass 4:22 $0.99
A Complete Breakfast 6:26 $0.99
Hidden Track 7:50 $0.99
Full album 1:07:00 $11.99

Parental Advisory 110


Taking their name from Lithuanian Folklore, Steel Wolf (Geležinis Vilkas) is a Lithuanian-American band from Long Island, New York whose original music has been described as a blend of raunchy rock anachronisms and Lithuanian mythology.

This re-release of Midnight Train to Šiauliai, in remembrance of band member, Ellis Spanos, who untimely passed away in 2013, is considered his seminal recording with the band and contains five rare bonus tracks (#16-20) that highlight Ellis' thunder-pick bass assault and exuberant vocals.

KA 587 Band 900x234

Michael Jaillon 
as The Conductor

Ellis Spanos
as The Motorman

Algis Kezys
as The Transit Cop
Mark Adomaitis
as The Porter
guitar bass drums more drums

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