Hot Honey Liquor
  • Parental Advisory 110


    Taking their name from Lithuanian Folklore, Steel Wolf (Gelezinis Vilkas) is a Lithuanian-American band from Long Island, New York whose original music has been described as a blend of raunchy rock anachronisms and Lithuanian mythology. They perform regularly at archetypal venues and events in Northeast America.

    KA 588 MarkKA 588 MikeKA 588 EdKA 588 Al
    Mark Adomaitis Michael Jaillon Ed Kezys  Al Kezys
    (lead vocals/percussion) (guitar) (bass) (drums,vocals)
    KA 588 wolfKA 588 Sticker 650x131
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A Little Nutty 3:55 $0.99
Slip of the Nip 2:42 $0.99
Sunday Morning (Where's the Krupnikas?) 3:50 $0.99
The Divine Warrior 3:32 $0.99
Three Hole Punch 4:56 $0.99
Forty-Five Minutes in the Bathroom 2:49 $0.99
Hot Dog Stand 3:15 $0.99
Tex-Mex Sex 3:52 $0.99
Lurning Disabilitys 2:44 $0.99
Eye Don't Wanna See You 3:48 $0.99
Salmi of Wild Birds (Incl. Super Sounds of the 70's) 13:52 $0.99
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